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Seaward Sumao
SM CH §174/170 Seaward Sumao BrCh BS31542D SM CH §239/229 Ashdene Ashworth BrCh BS34076D

Sam & Ashworth joined the herds as kids in 1988 & 1990 respectively and both stayed until 1996.
Their influence has been felt not only within the Toddbrook Herd, but nationally throughout the British Saanen & British Breed Sections.

sm CH §195/260 Toddbrook Talahatche BrCh BS040078D
Sire: SM CH §260/182 Silverleas Talisker BrCh BS038667D
Dam: R195 Toddbrook Nimrodel Q* BrCh BS037070D
Toddbrook Talahatche Talahatche's offspring are now just beginning to come to prominence and include Toddbrook Missxylie and the twins Toddbrook Tacahamac (below) and Toddbrook Willow. He was awarded 8 CCs and 10 BCCs and is the second of the two sons produced by Toddbrook Nimrodel (see Toddbrook Tauron below).

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Sire: SM CH §195/260† Toddbrook Talahatche BrCh
Dam: RM131 Ashdene Neferkare

Twin brother to CH RM176 Toddbrook Willow Q* BrCh he was sold as a kid to Paul Mounter (Montrue Herd) where he achieved great success in the show ring and was best male at the BS breed show in 2004 & 2005 and the male half of the winning Interbreed Pairs for these 2 years also. His daughters are now coming into prominence and he sired Supreme Champion at the Royal Highland Show in 2006 whilst another daughter was Best in Show at the BS National Breed Show in 2006 as well as the female half of the winning Interbreed Pair. He has returned to the Toddbrook Herd and is currently standing at stud with the Ashdene & Theban Herds.

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CH §§131/171 Toddbrook Thorne bRcH bs041035d

Sire: SM CH §171/122† Tweedside Scotty
Dam: RM131 Ashdene Neferkare


Best in Show and CC winner at the 3 shows he attended in 2006. Awaiting milking daughters, his offspring have gained Best Buckling, Best Goatling and Best Kid awards in a number of different herds around the country.


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Sire: SM CH $171/122+ Tweedside Scotty
Dam: CH RM176 Toddbrook Willow Q* BrCh

Twin brother to Toddbrook Yew. As a buckling he holds 1CC and 2 BCCs. Currently at stud with the Renelfa herd but will be returning home in 2007

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SM CH 197/239 Toddbrook Tallahasee BrCh BS36266D
Sire: SM CH §239/229 Ashdene Ashworth BrCh
 CH AR197 Atherton Genoa Q*2 BrCh 

Toddbrook Tallahasee.

A son of Ashdene Ashworth and a grandson of Seaward Sumao, he was the litter brother of CH AR271 Toddbrook Marrakesh Q*3 BrCh. He won 3 CCs and 8CCs himself whilst his daughters in our herd, Misssnatali and Nimrodel, were awarded 15 CC's, 9 Reserve CCs and 33 BCCs between them.

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SM CH 197/195 Toddbrook Tauron BrCh BS38058D
Sire:§§197/183 Toddbrook Memphis
Dam: R195 Toddbrook Nimrodel * BrCh

Toddbrook Tauron

Shown only as buckling, where gaining his championship he was awarded 3 CCs and 5 BCCs. He was then sold to a commercial herd where unfortunately he died shortly afterwards. Luckily we do have semen available from him.

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SM CH § 171/122+ Tweedside Scotty hb072439d

Sire: § 122/271 Aphrodite Adair
Dam: CH RM171 Tweedside Sissy Q*3 BrCh

Scotty joined the herd as a kid and from the 10 shows we exhibited him at he was 5 times Best Kid, 5 times Best Buckling, 4 times Best Male and once Reserve Best Male (behind Toddbrook Talahatche). His pedigree on both sides goes back to Toddbrook/and or males who have stood at stud here with us. He has now moved to Southern Ireland.
His daughters include Toddbrook Yew and Toddbrook Yosemite

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